Can't move lightbox

When I move the lightbox to the top where I can only see half, I can’t move it anymore.

I googled it and it said to press alt+shift or right click and select move but that doesn’t work. (I realize that this may not be DHTMLX related)

I vaguely remember a setting that will move the lightbox outside of the browser (which I’m not sure is supported in all browsers) or restricts it within the frame. This might be another solution.

So if there’s 1. a way to move the lightbox or 2. change the settings so I don’t loose control of the lightbox that would be great.

I’ve been giving demos and had to refresh the screen which is very awkward.




could you please attach a screenshot with the position of the lightbox when it don’t move anymore?

Here it is.

As you can see the top of the lightbox is moved outside the permiter and the heading isn’t within clickable range. So I don’t know how to get it back if I move my mouse.

I think there’s some setting with the lightbox that tells it to stay within the boundries but then I can’t move it (which is another issue).



You can try to use the wide_form option … onfig.html

It will render lightbox in a different way, which will use a bit less of vertical space.