Can't save to xml in db-less sample

Hello, i’m trying to undestand why i can’t save the changes made on events or even saving new events created. i’m using the sample “01_serialize_xml” because i can’t use a mysql database…:cry:
If i press the show button, events created or modified are listed, but reloading the page after pressing save button, resets all events to its previous state. None are saved in the xml file.

What can i do?

Check that

a) data is really not saved in xml file, because problem may be caused by caching, when old xml data loaded instead of the new one.

b) Be sure that sample is loaded by http, and you have php enabled on server side

Thanks Stanislav… actually, it was obviously my fault because i didn’t gave the write permission to the files! :laughing:
now it’s all working…