Can't show paging area.

Hi guys… i’ve some troubles when i use paging function. i use smart rendering to load data.
My scripts :

... mygrid.enablePaging(true,5,3,"paging",true); mygrid.setPagingSkin("bricks"); mygrid.init(); mygrid.enableSmartRendering(true,5); queryString = "getGridRecords.php?count=5"; mygrid.loadXML(queryString); ...

when i run it @ browser, the paging area doesn’t appear. Can anybody help me, please? :cry:

enablePaging() method is incompatible with enableSmartRendering and enableDistributedParsing methods

oh, thank u… so, how the solution? can i omit enableSmartRendering ?

Yep, just remove enableSmartRendering command. ( paging has the same performance and dyn. loading benefits )

wow… thank u… it’s work… =)