Can't shrink/expand grid column in Opera 10.60!


I can’t shrink (by dragging mouse cursor) grid column in the following DHTMLX sample:

Also, when I try to expand the same column the process is very slow and not responsive (column starts to expand but very slowly and also not instantly but after I drag mouse cursor for awhile).

I use Opera 10.60 in Windows XP (in Opera 9.51, Google Chrome 5 and Internet Explorer 8 everything works well).

Please explain the reason for such behavior (is it a bug in DHTMLX?).

Thanks in advance for your reply!

Danylo Dragan.

This issue confirmed. It seems Opera bug. As a work around try to add following code after grid initialization:

if (_isOpera){ = “auto”; = “auto”;


Your workaround helped (thank you!), but one more issue appeared.

When I shrink column, in Internet Explorer 8 both header row and data rows of shrunk column have the same width (data rows are cut to the width of header row), while in Opera 10.60 data rows of shrunk column have larger width than header row.

Do you have a solution for this issue?

Danylo Dragan.

Unfortunately we haven’t work around for this issue right now. We’ll continue investigate how it can be fixed.

Thanks, I’ll wait for your solution! Please let me know when it’ll be available.

Taking into account DHTMLX vs Opera issues I have a question:
Following your experience what browser would you recommend to use with DHTMLX - Google Chrome or Opera? Which one (Google Chrome or Opera) has historically less bugs and shortcomings in regard to use with DHTMLX?

Many thanks for your answer!