can't type in textfield on iphone


For the page to edit appointments i have the following code:

scheduler.config.form = [ { view: "combo", id: "comboPatients", label: scheduler.locale.labels.patient, yCount: "3", datatype: "json", data: patients, name: "PatCtID", select: 1, scroll: 1, filter: function (a, b) { var aLower = a.value.toString().toLowerCase(); var index = aLower.indexOf(b.toLowerCase()); return index > -1 && index < aLower.length ? !0 : !1 } }, { view: "text", label: scheduler.locale.labels.subject, name: "text", labelWidth: 100 }, { view: "datetext", label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_start, id: "start_date", dateFormat: scheduler.config.form_date }, { view: "datetext", label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_end, id: "end_date", dateFormat: scheduler.config.form_date }, { view: "label", name: "ScheduleColumnID", value: scheduleID, css: "hide" } ];

With an iphone i can’t type in the textbox or the combo.
I only have this problem on iphone.

Is this a bug?



are you using the latest Scheduler version ? We have not reproduced the problem with dhtmlxScheduler_v30_111025 package.