Can't understand why page is refreshing/reloading by itself

I’m working on a web app with a dhtmlxgrid embedded in a page, and since I was working on it last the page has started reloading itself after approx 10 seconds. Since it loads the same page, it essentially gets into a continuous loop of reloading.

I may have unintentionally made a small code change at the end of the day when I last worked on the system - reverting to backup will lose me a whole heap of work, so I want to avoid that if possible.

There doesn’t seem to be anything within my customised code that would cause the reloading - is there something within the dhtmlx code that could cause it? I’m using the following dhtmlx files:


Check if you placed the grid inside form. Each “enter” key pressed will send form to the server side.

The grid isn’t inside the form. It reloads the entire page after approx 10 seconds even when I’m not doing anything with the grid (or the other parts of the page). I can just sit and watch it reload every 10 seconds.

The grid headers are displayed, but the data doesn’t show up before the page is reloaded.

I’ve found the issue, kind of. When I had the page working ok, there was some javascript code before the DOCTYPE tag causing the DOCTYPE to not be read correctly. I moved the javascript code (as it shouldn’t be there), and the DOCTYPE suddenly caused the problem with the page - it does seem to be a dhtmlx problem.

This DOCTYPE works:

This one doesn’t:

I don’t really need a fix for it (I can change the doctype for the affected page), but I’ve posted this in case it helps anyone else with the same issue.