Can't update two tables content

I have a problem with updating two tables content.
I am using the dhtmlx Standard Edition v.3.6 and Standard Edition v.1.5 PHP Connector,
and I do not know why can’t update tables.
$grid = new GridConnector($res);

$grid->render_sql(“select * from program_b left outer join program_a on program_b.pg_a_id = program_a.pg_a_id”, “program_b.pg_b_id”,“pg_a_id,pg_a_name,pg_b_id,pg_b_name,pg_b_exec”);
else {
$grid->event->attach(“afterUpdate”, “doBeforeUpdate”);

function doBeforeUpdate($action){
mysql_query(“UPDATE program_b SET pg_b_name=‘{$action->get_value(‘pg_b_name’)}’, pg_b_exec=‘{$action->get_value(‘pg_b_exec’)}’ WHERE pg_b_id=‘{$action->get_id()}’”);

Its not quite clear what is the problem with above code.
When you are using BeforeUpdate handler with “$action->success();” - it will run only code from before update and will not trigger default processing.

You can enable logging to get more details about data update operation. … tor:errors