can't use on Linux

i try to test it in apache+php+linux–>It fail :frowning:.

The component is pure client side, so it actually not depend on server side environment.  ( actually is linux+apache )

Please be sure that file names and scr attributes in script tags has the same cases ( latest package has correct names for sure, but in some older packages in some samples cases of file names can be incorrect, while it works for Win based PC, it is critical for linux based ones )

If problems occurs only for PHP based samples - please try to load the file used as xml source in browser, it will show PHP error ( while sample was tested locally, the different version of PHP can produce difference Notice level messages, which can corrupt XML output, in common case it is recomended to disable Notice level error output )

Also you can use attached file instead of original dhtmlxcommon.js to monitor all fetched from server data. (5.82 KB)