Capturing tab key using OnEditCell


I have a dhtmlxgrid within which i do basic date and numeric check validations, the requirement here is - I usually do the

follownig on Edit stage=2 ie. when user has finished editing , if focus moves out , we need to make a validation check

if user has entered a numeric value or not, when focus is moved out of the cell, the Oneditevent fires correctly throwing

the requisite validation message.

The problem is when user presses tab, the focus goes to the next cell, the focus should remain in the same cell when the validation check fails and an error message, inorder to achieve this am using Ontab event.

Is there a way to catch ascii value of a key pressed within the OnEditCell callback function?Would be happy if i get a quick response


there isn’t built-in solution to keep editor opened.

There is live validation functionality that highlights incorrect value - possibly it’ll be helpful: … vent_ontab