Carousel vertical scroll on Ipad

is there any reason, why the vertical scroll property of carousel won’t work on an IPad?


Please use “rows” layout for carousel instead of “cols”.



Well I used “rows” and it works on my PC with Chrome. But when i tried it on my IPad Air, it won’t work.


we have not reproduced the problem locally. Please check attached sample. (610 KB)

Okay, in this sample it works fine.
I tried to use the carousel as a page navigation and there it won’t work.
Are there any known issues?

I try to explain what we want:

Main page --> swipe up to get to page 2.
Main page --> swipe down to get to page 3.
Main page --> swipe left to get to page 4.
Main page --> swipe right to get to page 5.

Page 4 --> swipe up to get to page 4a.
Page 4 --> swipe down to get to page 4b.

and so on…

Although, carousel was not designed to work in both direction (I mean left/right and up/down), we have managed to swipe in the mode that you described. Could you attach a demo where we could reproduce the problem ?

So here is a sample of what we would like to do. (97.9 KB)

You put form with vertical scrolling into carousel. Therefore, the library listens to swipe event for form and not for carousel. We have rebuild your demo - please check attachment (97.5 KB)

Great, that works just fine! Thank you!
Just one additional question:
Is there any chance to declare the View with the label “Main page” on it as the first view to be seen on the website?


Sorry. Could you explain the issue in detail ?

Ok I’ll trie:

Let’s say we have 1 carousel.

Page 1,
Page 2,
Page 3

I want to declare page 2 as main page. That means, page 2 should be the first
page to be seen when i get on my website so i can scroll up to page 1 or down to page 3.

You can call show() method for view that you want to show

dhx.ui({ view:"carousel", cols:[ { id: "v1",... }, { id:"v2", ... }, { id:"v3", ... } ] }); $$("v2").show();