carousel with forms


I just added some complex forms with grid.
Carousel itself is working so beautiful.
All other input views in the carousel do not work properly.
1st page’s form works perfectly, but 2nd and 3rd page’s forms do not work.
For example,
A combo view in 2nd page reveal it’s pulldown item list to wrong place or couldn’t be activated(missing).
Input views in 2nd or 3rd page do not have focus - very rarely possible to get focus if crazy clicking.

I just wonder is that a some kind of bug you guys might able to fix it, or the carousel itself doesn’t supposed to support those complex views.

I see simple views like in your samples -without any input views - work perfectly.



we have not reproduced dthe problem with positioning of form elements. However, there could be a problem with carousel scrolling if “form” is active view. The attached library solves this problem.

If the positioning problem is still actual, please attach the complete demo. (89.7 KB)


I test atteched… but, things went even worse.
So, I post a test code of mine.

on PC, its good. worked perfectly.
But, on IPAD, forms from the second column couldn’t see.
touchui-test.7z (82.6 KB)

We have reproduced the problem. Initially the 2nd and other iframes are outside a screen and a browser didn’t fully render them. And for some reason, it didn’t redraw an iframe when it is visible.

Do you really need to use iframes inside carousel ?
Its impossible to catch touch event of an iframe. Therefore, you can not scroll carousel dragging the iframe.
You could place a form directly into layout cell, like it is done in the sample dhtmlx4/samples/ui/view/07_full_sample.html. In this case, the carousel will be scrolled.

thx for that.

We are trying to move to another way getting rid of iframes.