Cascading linking, adjust tasks end to start


On load of my gantt chart, I want to let task 2 start at the end of task 1 when they are linked and so on for task 3 etc. When I load the gantt chart all tasks is aligned with start date set for today. Any hints how to achieve this ?


this feature may require some amount of coding. If you have a support subscription - please open a ticket at our support system, I’ll send you a draft version of the extension that does what you describe

The draft version of the auto scheduling extension is attached, you can check it if you want to.
Note that it is not included in the stable version, and some parts may be changed by the time of release.

If you find a bug, or a missing feature - we would appreciate a feedback


[code]// enable auto scheduling
gantt.config.auto_scheduling = true;
gantt.config.auto_scheduling_strict = true;

// recalculate the schedule starting from taskId

// recalculate the schedule of the whole project
gantt.autoSchedule();[/code] (2.58 KB)

Exactly what I am looking for. I’ll test the different cases.

It works as expected. Especially gantt.config.auto_scheduling_strict = true; has value for me. Case of links from end-to-end, end-to-start, start-to-end and start-to-start does behave as expected. gantt.autoSchedule(taskId); is especially useful in case of fine grained adjustments of tasks.


One issue found using the auto-schedule extension is when creating a finish to start relationship from a task finishing on Friday. The target task is pushed to start on a Saturday which is configured as a non-working day.


thanks for reporting, we are reviewing the issue

Please try the newest version of the extension (2.75 KB)

Does this extension support maintaining days between tasks?

For example, one task ends, and then the next one starts 2 days later. If the duration of the first task changes, will the second task be moved to maintain the 2 day gap?


currently it does not. In the case you’ve described, the second task will be scheduled right after the first task (no gap).
Can you please clarify, how’d you like to use it, as a built-in behavior when it always keeps the days between all tasks, or as a property that can be set for each relation individually (e.g. two day lag between task 1 and task 2) ?

That’s a good question. I would like to use it so that it always maintains the lag days between linked items, but I suppose it would probably be a bit more versatile if you could do each relation individually. Maybe a lag property in the link, that can either be defined, or is defined when the link is parsed?