Case Insensitive Sorting and row colours

You mention that there’s a flexible way to have case insensitive sorting in the professional edition: … 182&a=1153

">>I would have thought that (case insensitive) alphabetic sorting was “Standard” behaviour?
yes, the flexible way available only in pro edition, but you can switch any “str” sorting to case insentensive by next code modification"

I have the pro edition … but I can’t seem to find that command.  Also … is there a way to set row color when sending data asynchronously through XML?

There is no direct command, but pro version allows to define custom sorting rules … _sort.html

So you can use something similar to next

    var n=a.toString().toLowerCase();

    var m=b.toString().toLowerCase();

return n>m?1:-1;
return n<m?1:-1;