Catch precise error if data processor update DB failure


How to Catch precise errors if data processor update DB failure
Any Coding samples for reference?
I am using .NET with grid and connector.

Looking forward to your reply ASAP!

you can catch error either on server or client.
On the client it’s onAfterUpdate event of the dataprocessordp.attachEvent("onAfterUpdate", function(sid, action, tid, tag){ if (action == "error"){ //do something } }) on server you can use dhtmlxConnector.OnDBError event.[code]connector.OnDBError += new EventHandler(error_details);

public void error_details(object sender, DataActionProcessingEventArgs args)
Log( args.DataAction.Details );
}[/code]Here is related docs: … nt_dberror … fterupdate
you can also check “Database error” sample of the connectors package