Catching grid data from form


I’m trying to catch the (updated) contents of a grid through a form. The site is under the following link:

The fields under the header “Tippning” are editable.

Try pressing the button “Tippa!”. The resulting page contains the names of the fields sent by the form, as well as their values. The drop-downs are caught like they should, but not the (updated) grid fields. Where am I doing wrong?



Any thoughts on this…?


Please, have a look at the following example: … _form.html

Also, please, make sure that the “dhtmlxgrid_form.js” is included on your page


Thank you for your answer. I didn’t find the file “dhtmlxgrid_form.js” in my installation (I’ve downloaded the whole Suite). Instead I tried to get it from one of your example sites, which didn’t work. Where can I get a proper working version of this file?

wonders Mike

Unfortunately the requested extension is available in PRO version of grid only.