CDATA + img

Good day, I am doing a report on a grid which shows me pictures, but when I insert my XML file:

<cell><![CDATA[<a href='imagenes/foto.png' class='thickbox'><img src='imagenes/foto.png'/></a>]]></cell>

I can see the pictures but I can not run my class ‘thickbox’
But if I copy this code outside the class grid runs perfectly

<a href='imagenes/foto.png' class='thickbox'><img src='imagenes/foto.png'/></a>

Try to define custom css like that:

div.gridbox table.obj td a.thickbox { ... }

thanks for the reply, but so I have defined my css, but I can not solve my problem.

Deputy code that can help:

  • When I run the code in firefox I have problems.
  • In IE no problem when you get on a web server, but when I double-click the index file I have no problems. (254 KB)

What exact problems do you have?

The script for the effect of the pictures, I run perfectly out of the grid but when placed within the grid is not running, this happens to me for the Firefox browser.

Most probably your script process page on document loading, fetching @thickbox elements. But in case of grid - data will be loaded on the page a bit later than onload event ( because data loading is async ) , so elements can appear after your script already finished page processing.

mmm ok thanks.