CDATA userdata serialization


we create XML for grid in a serverside JSP-Page and add a userdata (url) as cdata.
When we try to serialize the grid it isn’t put out as a cdata anymore which means the xml is incorrect.

dhxGrid[i].setSerializationLevel(true,false,true,false,false,true); is set so values should be a cdata?

userdata = root.addElement( "userdata" ); userdata.addAttribute("name", "newButton"); userdata.addCDATA("osr1020_goto.jsp?target2=" + handler + "&modus=insert&" + caller + "_TID=" + OSString.urlEncode(callerTransId));

Please make sure if userdata passed to the grid in following format:

some row data ...

It’s a global userdata and is passed like:

during serialization xml doesn’t keep the cdata attribute and non-valid xml is produced.

Global user data cannot be serialized. You can serialize only row’s userdata.