CDN link for dhtmlx suite


Is there an up-to-date link for CDN (Content Delivery Network) suite js and css files?

The link here indicates that the link is however that version appears to be v5.1.29 whereas latest downloadable version is v6.5.1.

For gantt I read here that version specific links are available - is this available for suite?

The reason I ask is that I am looking to embed these in a hosting platform - which does support loading of js and css files - but suite.css references woff fonts in a sub-directory (./fonts). So was looking to see if I could load from a reliable external source (for now).


I apologize for the delay with the reply.
You may try to use the following cdn links:


@sematik hi,

Thanks for your response. That’s great.

I did finally manage to squeeze the css into my hosting platform, but it involved loading the 6 fonts seperately and adjusting the url references in the .css file - potentially not a great strategy for longer term.

Using that I note (on my other question about version) that version specific links are available via major release version folder…


One other observation - if you google “dhtmlx cdn” then there are three main references returned:

  1. the Support note I referenced (2016) - which was obviously a point in time view
  2. a “Full List of CDN links for Scheduler Docs”
  3. a “Full List of CDN links for Gantt Docs”

So - just thinking Suite could benefit from a similar section to Scheduler and Gantt.

One for your list :slight_smile: