cell contents currupted.

I have a grid created from a table. If the user is editing a cell and submits the form that contains the grid, I read the contents of the cell into a delimited list and save with the form. If the user was in edit mode when he clicked on submit, the innerHTML throughs some garbage code"<TEXTAREA class=dhx_combo_edit …" into the array. If I use grid.editStop(true), before submitting the form, it prevents this, but it also throughs away their most recent changes. How can I prevent this code from being sent without loosing my changes. I know I could tell the user to leave the grid before submitting, but they are not likely to remember all of the time.

You still need to use grid.editStop
It can be used in two modes
    grid.editStop() - close editor, update cell with new value
    grid.editStop(true) - close editor, revert to old value
So just use grid.editStop without parameters