Cell Editing using Key Navigation with Custom Text boxes in Grid

I have a DHTMLX enterprise license for suit 6.4.2.
license reg. number - 19007023.

We have used the Custom textbox controls in the Grids for our requirements.
We want to enable Key Navigation so for this we have used below properties.
selection: “cell”,
keyNavigation: true,

It’s only working like cell navigation and not working for editing the cell inner textbox.(No Cursor focus with Keyboard navigation in textboxes inside the cell)

So I want an event that fires when I change the grid selection even using tab or arrow keys. Is there any event available to get selection change? Please let me know. so we can identify which cell is selected in the grid so we can have some custom logic and do focus on the custom text boxes inside the grid through key navigation.

Unfortunately currently there are noi selection events in the dhtmlxGrid.
I can suggest you to use the before/afterKeyDown evnts to control the keynavigation in your grid:

Now is there any possibility from which we can identify which cell is selected, so From the Keyboard navigation We can check which cell is selected and based on that we can focus on the text box in side the selected cells.
This is very obvious requirement in the grid where we want to use Custom text boxes inside the Grid cells and just want to use the Key board navigation for editing the cells.

You may try to use the ibuilt keyNavigation:
and use the afterKeyDown event to control it:
andf the selection api to change and control teh selection in your grid: