cell editor


I have a grid with column type of ed. When I click on the cell I want following editor to showup instead of the default editor.

Enter Number


The value of “NumberIn” should go in the current cell which is open for edit and value of “description” field should go in the next cell.

Can you please help me.

Thank you.

Theree two ways to achieve necessary behavior

a) create a custom excell, which will use your custom editor instead of existing one
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … #grid_cexc

b) use “ro” type instead of ed, and attach your custom edtitor through selection event
if (ind == INDEX ){
custom_area.number.value = grid.cells(id,index).getValue();
custom_area.number.descr = grid.cells(id,index+1).getValue();

where INDEX - index of column in question.