cell img javascript

I have a problem with a cell that have an image and a link on it.

Here is the definition of the cell:

Response.write( “…\image\fiche_emp_lien.gif^Edit^javascript:Test(”"…\…\…\general\employe\carte_visite.aspx?item=5"")^_self" )

Here is the javascript function

function Test(src)


alert(“test r�ussi”);

var w = 610;

     if (w > screen.availWidth - 50) {

         w = screen.availWidth - 50;


     var h = 560;                

     var x = (x = top.window.screenLeft + (top.document.body.clientWidth - w)/2)<20 ? 20 : x, y = (screen.height - h)/4;


        return window.open(src, “wndLpCarteVisite”, ‘status=yes, scrollbars=no, resizable=no, width=’+w+’, height=’+h+’, top=’+y+’, left=’+x+’’);


It goes in the javascript function “Test” and it opens the page correctly but the datagrid (in background) came blank with a word “[object]” in the top left of the window…

Do you know what is my problem?

Could you please provide us any kind of sample where we can reproduce this problem.

I found a solution. Thank you.