Cell Type=sub_row_grid - how to specify URL for loading data

I’ve created a grid for which one column is of type “sub_row_grid”; I’ve set the type of the cell to sub_row_grid, and want to specify a URL with which to grab the content for the sub-grid. The API specifies that the content of the cell can be a URL, but I cannot get it to work.

Generally, I load a grid similar to the following: myGrid.loadXML(“getGridContent.htm?mode=getStuff&myId=” + rowID);

Now, in the XML for the grid, I have a column with cells for which I want to create a subgrid, so I’ve done roughly the following:

Grid Column

Some Cell Content


I’m not certain how I should format the URL - I have surrounded with quotes, as I do in the loadXML, but either way gives me an invalid XML error.

Would you provide some direction?


You need not any quotes, just put an URL as value of cell tag.
The problem in your case  - the url contains & character which is prohibited in XML, it need to be handled in special way