cellCombo.getOption(newValue) not getting value for IE

In grid, when I enter certain value from lookup, & if that value contains more than one blank space (as stored in database) IE detect that value as “null” using function either “combo.getOption(newValue)” or “cellCombo.getOption(newValue)” however Mozilla works fine…
do I need to add extra code for IE???

some additional information: After selecting value (from load lookup in cell)when I use “cellCombo.getOption(newValue)” thoughvalue is selected from lookup its giving “null” in IE.

There are two methods:

getOption - gets an option by a value (key)
getOptionByLabel - gets an option by an option text

if you what to get optiob by typed text (getComboText()), it would be more correct to use getOptionByLabel.

Combo doesn’t remove double spaces when searches an option. So, if you want to omit unnecessary spaces, you should use own code.