Cells selection/marked cells support missing?


I’m evaluating the product looking in particular for rectangular cells selection feature.
If anybody could answer those questions:

  1. Documentation describes marked cells feature but 2.6 Standard release is missing codebase/ext/dhtmlxgrid_markers.js file needed for enableMarkedCells() call. Is this feature no longer supported? Was it removed intentionally?

  2. I’m looking for rectangular cells selection by dragging. I need to be able to get the cells selected and perform some operation on them. Tried:
    a) block selection, enableBlockSelection() works fine, selecting works perfect, but no possibility to get the cells selected or the range, only usable for copying I assume.
    b) marked cells, enableMarkedCells() works fine (copied from some old 2.5 version), but can’t select cells by dragging, is it possible to get it working via dragging?

Thank you in advance.

  1. Sorry for inconvenience. Marked cells extension is available in PRO version only.
  2. Unfortunately there is no such mixed mod in dhtmlxGrid.

I see.
Please update the documentation which states Marked cells are available in all editions.

You should rather update the documentation to state that marked cells is available ONLY in Pro version.