Centered yAxis in stacked horizontal bar chart

Hey, I’m trying to figure out how to center the yAxis in my chart.
First of my code:

var planChart = innerLayout4.items[1].attachChart({ view: "stackedBarH", value: function(data) { return data.StartOffset; }, color: "#FFFFFF", gradient: true, alpha: 0.8, tooltip: { template: function(data) { return "" + data.StartOffset; } }, xAxis: { title: "Runtime (s)", template: function (obj) { return (obj > 1000 ? "" + (obj / 1000) + "k" : "" + obj); } }, yAxis: { title: "Name", }, origin: 0, width: 40 });

Having negative and positive values I want the negative values to go from center to the left and my positive values from center to right.

My current result is attached

I’m running the v3.6 suite right now.

Unfortunately, origin property can not be used with stacked charts. You can apply it for “bar” and “barH” charts that have fixed scale (start,step and end properties are set)

Are there any plans for such feature in a future release?

Unfortunately not