Change Acheck & Toolbar defaults Text values

Hello everyone !

I’m currently working on some back office snippet for my client, mainly using dhtmlxgrid and other dhtmlx stuff. At the moment I’m nearly finished, but since it’s a French client, he’d rather have French values displayed on the grid, instead of the “Yes/No” of achecks… And the same goes for the pagination toolbar.

Is there any way to programatically change them ?
I mean, I could totally do that by modifying the dhtmlx/js file, but since it’s generated, it will revert back every now and then whenever I build the project. (I’m integrating it in a Symfony2.8 Arch.)

(Maybe it’s actually because i’m on the trial version, the client will buy the complete PRO Suite, but since I’m just testing for him … )

Thanks a lot for your answers ! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the only way to changge the “aCheck” text values is to modify the inner code of the “acheck” exCell.

For the toolbar paging translation internationalization pleas,e refer to the following tutorial. … nalization

Yaay !

Thanks a lot for your answer :smiley: