Change background color of labels

Hy All,

is it possible go change the background color of a label in anyway (or even the foreground color?)
I need 7 checkboxes, for the 7 days of the week, with seven different colors to correspond to polylines on a google map.

Use an attribute className to set it to the each input
Then apply all the properties you need to the nesy style:
.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue .violet_ div.dhxform_label { … } //i.e. for skyblue skin
And get the result:

Hy Darya!

I almost understand what you meant but:
.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue .violet_ div.dhxform_label { … }
is confusing!!!

I tried this: (form data)

{ type:‘label’ … className: “lbRed” },

and this in the css:

.lbRed {
background-color: red !important;

but it doesn’t work!

In your case it will be the next:

{ type:‘label’ … className: “lbRed” },


.dhxform_obj_dhx_skyblue .lbRed div.dhxform_label {
background-color: red !important;

You are an ANGEL of mercy!

Thank you once again Darya!


You are welcome!