Change bg color for single cell?

Is there any way to change the background color for a single cell (not the entire column)? Ideally, I would like to be able to click on the cell and have it cycle through three colors based on value (say, red for zero, green for 1, yellow for 2):

I was thinking about something like this:

grid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”, function (stage, id, ind, value) {

    if (stage==0) {

changeCellValueFunction(id, ind);

changeBackgroundColorFunction(id, ind, value);


return true;


If I am on the right track, the only code that I need help with would be the changeBackGroundColorFunction.

Thanks in advance!

If I am on the right track
onEditCell can be used in such scenario, but it will work only for editable cells, alternatively you can use

    changeCellValueFunction(id, ind);

    changeBackgroundColorFunction(id, ind, mygrid.cells(id,ind).getValue());

    return true;

You can set background color of cell as
    grid.cells(id,val).setBgColor(value); // you can use getBgColor( to get current color

Or in more flexible way