Change color of time slot if time is blocked

I want to mark a scheduled time slot as red if the time slot is over a blocked time slot. Is this possible?


scheduler.blockTime({days:new Date(2018,6,20), zones: [1360,1760], css:“gray_section”}); //all of saturday july 21st blocked out

var events = [
{id:1, text:"", start_date:“07/16/2018 10:30”, end_date:“07/16/2018 15:30”, color:"#9bc660", textColor:"#000000"},
{id:2, text:"", start_date:“07/17/2018 13:00”, end_date:“07/17/2018 17:00”, color:"#9bc660", textColor:"#000000"},
{id:3, text:"", start_date:“07/18/2018 12:30”, end_date:“07/18/2018 16:30”, color:"#DEECC0", textColor:"#000000"},
{id:4, text:"", start_date:“07/19/2018 09:00”, end_date:“07/19/2018 15:00”, color:"#9bc660", textColor:"#000000"},
{id:5, text:"", start_date:“07/21/2018 07:00”, end_date:“07/21/2018 13:00”, color:"#9bc660", textColor:"#000000"} //This should automatically show as red because its within a blocked off time.


The solution depends on what you mean by ‘time slot’.

If you mean event - - it’s color can be costomized by event_class template … lates.html
To check whether the specified event takes place at the blocked time period use checkLimitViolation method … ation.html

If you want to change color of blocked dates on the scale - apply new CSS class in the blockTime method and set required color for that class.

We recieve time interval from another database of events and nessesary change color colum of that time interval)