Change color/skin of dhtmlxTabbar


I have a problem with the skinbuilder’s css. When I aplicate the “dhtmlx_custom.css” code in my code, all diferent components have changed their color less the Tabbar component.

I attach to you the code and an image, for your information. I hope that somebody will able to help me to solve that issue.



Thank you very much for your interesting.


the problem isn’t reproduced. Could you provide a complete demo ?


I attach to you an example of my code, but you will need to download all the dhtmlx components. You should see the contruction with Grid component, Toolbar component, Window Component, Editor component and the last one, tabbar Component.
Sorry, I can’t give you a better demo…:frowning:
I hope, that it will help you to solve the issue.

Kind regards,

ExempleCorreu.rar (4.13 KB)


I’ve attached the working demo. (63 KB)


I don’t understand well your reply. I think that you sended an example, because somebody will could help me better. Is it right?

Thank you very much. Every day that pass, it’s more important for me this problem. :frowning:




I’ve sent the sample to demonstrate that we could recreate the problem locally.

Please provide any demo if the problem still occurs

I am Brazilian and I’m using Google to translate, so forgive me if something bad was translated.
I also had this problem and the solution was to use the skin “default”.
mytabbar.setSkinColors(“blue”, “lightblue”);
I hope I helped …


Thank you very much cybergyn2, but this possible solution doesn’t solve my problem, because it changes all my tabbar format and grid format. (You can see the results at the image) It is possible that I don’t understand your explanation. I don’t know…
I think that the problem is in the images, because I have added the images of the Alexandra’s, and the tabbar has changed the color to orange. Where did you found or how did you made this sample Alexandra?

See you.


Where did you found or how did you made this sample Alexandra?
Skin builder generates all necessary images when you are customizing skin, including tabbar’s backgrounds.