Change content in window

Hi all,

I have created a window with different forms in it.
Here is one of the forms:

ksStatusForm = new dhtmlXForm("ppap_status"); ksStatusForm.loadStruct("ks_root/xml/ppap_status_form.xml"); ksStatusForm.attachEvent("onChange", timingChange);
Here’s how I appended these forms in a window:

win.appendObject("part_data"); win.appendObject("ppap_status"); win.appendObject("ppap_upload_form"); win.appendObject("ppap_timing_open"); win.appendObject("ppap_upload_button");
Now I want to replace the object “ppap_timing_open” by another object depending on the timingChange function.

function timingChange(idStatus, clicked) { if (clicked=="n") I_dont_know_what_to_do_here; }
Unfortunately I don’t know how to remove the appended object and how to append another object. (I’m a beginner :blush: )

Can somebody give me some tips?



do you actually want to remove “ppap_timing_open” container ? In this case, you won’t be able to append this object again.

You may remove the container by the following approach:

var obj = document.getElementById(‘ppap_timing_open’);


To move the object to document body (you need to use this approach if you are going to attach the object again):

document.body.appendChild(obj); = “none”;

However, appendObject method adds the container to the end of the window. So, you will need to append the button after the object again

document.body.appendChild(obj); = “none”;

var buttonObj = document.getElementById(‘ppap_upload_button’);
document.body.appendChild(buttonObj ); = “none”;


The other solution is using views. If the number of changed containers is fixed, you may create views with them: … yout_views (this article refers to layout cell, however, the same methods are actual for window too).

Thanks for the lesson.
I think hiding the elements is a good solution but I will check the views option too.

I want to use in my form (which is in a popup window) a group of radio buttons which shall control showing and hiding form elements like input fields and calendars. So I think I should append all child elements and hide them. After that depending on user clicks one of the child elements shall appear.

If there is something I need to consider please let me know.