Change CSS dhtmlxCombo?

Can I change/adapt the CSS file ??

I mean, a dhtmlxCombo is in a html, with another simple combos.
This other combos are tapestry components, and I didn’t re-write its CSS. This components are rendered on diferent way according the web browser, but dhtmlxCombo has an static CSS ( the same for all web browser )

What can I do to make dhtmlxCombo render diferently according to the browser ?

ej.: ( see combos.jpg )

Locally it is fine:

I added some other color for contrast.
Could you provide us you completed demo test it?
And you used dhtmlx verdion and OS.

Sorry, I can’t provide you a demo…

My main problem it’s with the arrow icon.
That icon is different in each browser, and I don’t specify wich icon it has to use ( for the simple combo, no dhtmlx ).
But the dhtmlxCombo has always the same icon, and I’m trying to render it like the others combos.

pd.: I’m using the latest version of dhtlmxCombo.

You can set your custom combo image (i.e. as default HTML) just to replace combo_select_dhx_skyblue.gif file in dhtmlxCombo\codebase\imgs\ folder.
And using CSS you can make it the same. But at begin styling i recommend you to chouse the most similar combo-skin from dhtmlx skins: … _skin.html

“” puts me in the right way ( I hope )

In this example, the combo named “Sync every” has the style of icon that I looking for.
( … skins.html )

How can I use it ?

It is not combo - it is select.

  1. you can use select instead combo
  2. you can serch this picture and replace with your one in a combo folder, as i mentioned above