change database


We are using the Scheduler.ASP.NET.VB calender on our portal.
Now we would like another calender from another database, so we copied the calender folder en renamed it.

Now we only need to know in what files we need to rename the strings to get it working properly with the other database.

If someone could help me with this, that would be great!

Thanks in advance.


please give some more details.
Do you mean that you have two pages with a scheduler, which of them should use it’s own database?

If you use a LinqToSql database context (same works for other data access aproaches), you can simply provide a different connection to the constructor

[code]New SchedulerDataContext(“connection string 1”)

New SchedulerDataContext(“connection string 2”)[/code] … 1(v=vs.110.aspx

You may also want to change the paths to the server side handlers (if you’ve created a separate files for each scheduler)

Scheduler.DataAction = Me.ResolveUrl("~/Data.ashx") Scheduler.SaveAction = Me.ResolveUrl("~/Save.ashx")

Probably thats the all things that you’ll need to change. Or do you have some specific difficulties or see the errors?


Thank you for the quick response.

I have the following lines:
dataResult = New SchedulerAjaxData((New SchedulerDataContext()).Recurrings)
dataResult = New SchedulerAjaxData((New SchedulerDataContext()).Events)

These are from the first calender and do work.

When I try to replace “Recurrings” or “Events” i get the following error:
error BC30456: ‘Newstring’ is not a member of ‘SchedulerAspNetVB.SchedulerDataContext’

Does this say anything to you?




Changed the following lines:

dataResult = New SchedulerDataContext(".NewString1") dataResult = New SchedulerDataContext(".NewString2")

Now the calender is still showing the data from the old string, any ideas?




Problem solved!

Had to change the strings in …/Data/Schedular.designer.vb.