Change date format - Calendar in dhtmlxgrid

I have defined one of the cells in a dhtmlx grid to be dhxCalendarA. The calendar pops up, I select a date and the format returned is mm/dd/yyyy. How do I change that format to yyyy-mm-dd?

I have already tried mygrid.setDateFormat("%Y-%m-%d"); and I get an error saying that setDateFormat is not a function.



setDateFormat is not a function
This functionality supported only in pro version of grid.

Assuming that one does own the Pro version (3.6). How is this accomplished? When I attempt to use the js function: mygrid.setDateFormat("%m-%d-%Y")
The calendar pop-up defaults to the the UNIX date in 1969.

I’ve also attempted to just use php to format the date in the “GET.PHP” file to no avail. This seems to be an issue associated with stepping into and out of php and xml.

Thank you in advance!