Change default onclick sort order

We are using the professional edition version 1.5 build 80111 and would like to find a way to change the default onclick sort order from Ascending to Descending.

Meaning the first time you click a column header, it sorts the data in Ascending order.

I would like to change the first click to be Descending.

Do you have a built in API to handle this or should a custom sort order be built for this?

Thanks for your help and continue to build excellent products.

Basically it can be done in few different ways

a) you can define custom sorting with revertive order

function custom(a,b,order){
    return (a>b?1:-1)*(order==“asc”?-1:1);

b) you can define onbeforesort event handler and change the sorting order from it.

    if (c==“asc”) {
        return false;
    return true;