change drop down values inside lightbox

When I double click a task the light box will appears for change the existing values. Here is an option to change the type which has project, task, milestone. I need to remove the value ‘project’ from the drop down.

Kindly help me :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the dhtmlxgrid/dhtmlxtreegrid? If so, could you clarify your issue in detailes or with some scrrenshots?

I’m telling about the dhtmlxgantt chart tasks.

Here is an option to change the type which has task,project,milestone. I need to remove the given ‘project’ option from this dropdown

please help me :slight_smile:

type selector displays all types defined in gantt. You can remove ‘project’ from configuration, and it won’t be available anymore:

delete gantt.config.types.project;

When I use this line, all the start/end Dates in my Chart are mixed up. Do I have to place this line somewhere special? Or do I have to do some more to get rid of the type Project? If I delete the Projects with this


same thing happens and all dates are twisted. So, I think this date-probleme is somewhere concected to the type Project being existent or not.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Can you provide a sample of your page and a data that is loaded to the gantt?

The line should be executed before gantt.init, and it disables ‘Project’ type from the component. In case your data contains items of type ‘Project’, they will be processed as regular tasks, thats maybe the problem you describe

Thanks Aliaksandr :slight_smile: