change Encoding type of xml (.net ,c#)


     i want to change encoding type of response XML from utf-8  to iso-8859-1 . i am using .net dhtmlx grid connector .kindly help me as my grid crashes out on special character loading.



There is no public API for encodings, but you may modify sources and rebuild connectors library
connector-net/sources/OutputFormatter/dhtmlxXMLWriter.cs line:60 public dhtmlxXMLWriter(StringBuilder builder, HttpResponse response) { this._sb = builder; XmlWriterSettings settings = new XmlWriterSettings();
you can set encoding using XmlWriterSettings object.
Although, I’m not sure how encodings could crash the grid. Can you attach a demo so we could test it?

Thanks for the response .Actually when special characters are loaded from database and after that i try to render these string containing special characters .At that time the message come that “Incorrect XMl”.
Dhtmlx Grid do have a connector in php to change encoding type to “ISO-8859-1” but not in .NET. If we have this connector in .Net as well .it will solve my issue.