Change Icon in Agenda and Year_View


I would like to Change the Icon as shown here:

In Month and week view this works fine as i declared classes to Events properties.

scheduler.templates.event_class = function (start, end, event) {
    switch (event.termin_typ) {
        case "1": return "auftrag";

// CSS
.dhx_cal_event.auftrag div, .dhx_cal_event_line.auftrag { background-color:#096 !important;color: white !important; }
.dhx_cal_event.auftrag .dhx_title { background-color:#6C9 !important; }
.dhx_cal_event_clear.auftrag { color:#096 !important; }

// CSS for changing the Icon
// but this is for all Events
div.dhx_year_tooltip .dhx_tooltip_line .dhx_event_icon.icon_details { background: url(../../../dhtmlx/Scheduler/imgs_dhx_material/calendar.png) no-repeat center center; }

How i have to modify the last line that appears a new Icon (“calendar_green.png”) for ".auftrag" ?

And i would like to have the same issue with calendar shown in Agenda view

.dhx_agenda_area .dhx_agenda_line .dhx_event_icon { background: url(../../../dhtmlx/Scheduler/imgs_dhx_material/calendar.png) no-repeat center center; }

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You need to replace the image on this path in the folder with Scheduler package:

Hi Polina,

yes i know and already did this … BUT as i configured different Colors for the Events i want to place a different Icon to each on in Year-/Agenda View.
As every Event has got a color-property i have to include the Icon-line to my custom Color class … but how ?

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I need to PUSH this post

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Please, try to use the following solution:
for the agenda view

			scheduler.templates.event_class=function(start, end, event){
				var css = "";
				if( == "some_id"){ // required event id
					css += " new_icon";  //new class name
				return css; // default return
//and css
		.dhx_agenda_area .dhx_agenda_line.new_icon .dhx_event_icon{

Unfortunately it is not available to set the individual icon for the event tooltip in the Year view.

Thank you … Agenda view works fine.

Best regards