Change icon_normal.gif in dhtmlxwindows

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m using dhtmlxwindows with skin called “standard”.

I would like change the icon on the left (icon_normal.gif) by my own icon.

The problem is :

- I have 3 different dhtmlxwindows in the same viewport and each has to have a different icon (box1.png, box2.png and box3.png)

- Each icon has 24 pixel height and width

If I just replace icon_normal.gif by box1.png, the icon is resized (too small) and of course box2.png and box3.png are not used.

Do you have an easy way to do this ?

Thanks in advance for your answer :slight_smile:


1. Edit the dhtmlxwindows_standard.css file:
div.dhtmlx_window_active img.dhtmlx_wins_icon_standard {

div.dhtmlx_window_inactive img.dhtmlx_wins_icon_standard {

change top, left, width, height

2. Use the following function for set custom icon:
dhxWins.window(id).setIcon(iconEnabled, iconDisabled);
iconEnabled - icon for active window
iconDisabled - icon for inactive window

Perfect :slight_smile: Thanks a lot :slight_smile: