Change ID value of form dataprocessor

Is there a way to change the ID value that the DataProcessor saves to after loading data into a form? I first tried changing the form’s formID property, but that didn’t work. I tried changing the DataProcessor’s updatedRows[0] property, but the PHP Connector logged this error:

[code]Undefined variable: operation at E:\intranetbeta\Resources\dhtmlx\codebase\connector\dataprocessor.php line 163

Access control: operation blocked[/code]

What I’m basically trying to do is load data from one record, and update another record with the loaded values. Due to a complicated query, doing it this way is a lot easier than doing it directly through MySQL in PHP.

You can use something like next

form.formId = new_value; form.resetDataProcessor("updated");

That worked perfectly! Thank you!