Change increment when moving appointments?

Hello, is there a way to change the time incremement when moving an appointment on the calendar? Thanks!


The increment is controlled by


its value can be changed in any moment.


Is this also supported for the mobile client.

Doesn’t seem to be. If not can I change the calendar time increment some other way?




Hello Jim

Which version of Scheduler are you using: desktop or mobile (“samples/mobile” folder in scheduler package)?

Events in the mobile version can not be moved (dragged). Could you provide more details about the functionality you want to change ?


This is for the mobile scheduler, not the desk top.

In the day scheduler slot increments are every 30 minutes.
00, 30 …
I want to dynamically set the 30 minute increment to something else, 15 minutes, 10 minutes,

so it would look like this.

00,15,30 or 00,10,20, and so on

Not looking at dragging/moving events, just changing the increments…

Hope that answers your question

Thanks JIm

Currently there is not such a feature. We’ll consider this idea and possibly will add a functionality that allows to customize time slots in the next version.

OK, thanks for getting back to be…