Change layout pattern

Is it possible to change the layout pattern dynamically? As in:

open layout using 3E.
User decides he doesn’t like it.
Picks 4U.
Just that 3E layout closes and re-opens as 4U.

I don’t want to have to close/refresh the entire hta and reopen it.

You need reinitialize a layout to use the new pattern:


I did see the .unload() function and tried it. I get an error on line 2505 of layout.js “Object doesn’t support this property or method”.

This is the error line.

I have a main layout (2U) with a menu and tabbar attached. In the first tab I have another tabbar attached. In the first tab I have the layout (3L) I want to be able to swap.

In the 3L cells, A has a tree, B has a grid, C is empty. I have a toolbar attached, also. The layout closes, the toolbar stays (which is fine), then I get the error, nothing else has been done yet.

Do I have to do something with the tree and/or grid first?

We need the complete demo to recreate the problem.

I think the Tabbar is what is causing the issue.

In the above example, when I open a new tab in the second tabbar without a toolbar, all is good. But when I .attachToolbar() then close it, I get an error. Both the X (close button) and RemoveTab() cause an error.

To try and prove this, in the first tab that is always open, I did not attach the toolbar, but left the layout, tree, and grid. Tried to switch patterns, error.

It seems the Tabbar’s tab is not releasing the items attached to it.

I will try to get a demo worked up. My program is too far along to rip things out.

Both the X (close button) and RemoveTab() cause an error.

There was a bug in the removeTab() method. Make sure that you use the latest tabbar version.

Regaring other problems - we need a complete demo for testing

I am using the v2.6 from the download package. If the individual tabbar zip is newer then I will get that one.

I emailed a demo to yesterday. I have not heard back from them yet.

I don’t suppose anybody is still following this discussion but did anybody solve this? As per the original discussion I am trying to dynamically allow the user to change the layout of the page whilst maintaining the same data in it.


Layout supports views. Possibly this feature will solve the problem: … yout_views

I did find a fix for it: I didn’t do what the instructions say.

I was doing: MailLayout.unload();

I commented out that line and just remade the new layout and it works fine. I may be losing some memory, but not much.

thanks guys

Hi there,
so i have to unload and reinit the layout with the new pattern to change it?

yes, you are right!
It is in most cases.

But sometimes you can use the following: … yout_views … views.html

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