Change left colum in the scheduler timeline

Hello everyone

This is the first time i´m in the forum and i don´t know if i´m posting the question in the right place or not, sorry.

I´m trying to understand a few things about the timeline in the scheduler:

Can i change the left column with data from server?, i understand i have to use the dhtmlxConnector which i have already downloaded, create a php file, but then i´m confused with which methods i should use in the html file and in the php file. I already found the server_integration explanation in the docs but they only explain about the events with dates( that i will need later) but right now how can i load data to change the left column?, i´m talking about where we find the names “Jonh williams”, “David Miller” etc.

My next question is, when we download DhtmlX scheduler it´s the standard editon and i as you already understand, i need the timeline function and the connector, will i have to buy the pro edition or need something else?.

I´m sorry for all these questions but i´m quite new with the use of dhtmlx but i´m enjoying it very much and i want to keep using it.

Regards and thanks for your time.

regarding the loading of options from the server, please check this article … mtheserver

You can get a PRO version of scheduler for evaluation … =scheduler After the evaluation period you’ll have to obtain a license or stop using a component