Change path and title of the scheduler page


First of all, thanks a lot for the plugin, that will help me to manage a multiuser calendar for

When I installed the plugin, it created a “scheduler” page, I wanted to

  • rename it to “calendrier”
  • and place it as a sub page of “association”

I did it … and now I can’t save new events any more. The page shows the calendar, I can create events but when I refresh the page they are no longer visible.

I have seen in the configuration panel that there is a field to change the URL of the page. I tried, without success, to force the new page URL and title …

Please help me to make all this run again !
MAny thanks in advance,

Manu-PB (France)

The path to the page is used only by “add event to the post” feature, and must not affect any other page.

Technically you can add the “[[scheduler_plugin]]” on any page - and fully functional scheduler will be rendere there.

Thanks Stanislav,

So it should work, but don’t …

I still do not understand why :

  • When I create an event on the page, it vanishes when refreshing the page
  • and also the same when I create an event in “Events administration” from dashboard.

MAybe usefull : when I create an event (in both configurations), it is written in black then turns to red after a few secconds…

Any idea ?

Some error occurs during DB saving.
Try to enable debug mode and repeat action.
Component must write log file in the plugins folder, with detailed error info.

Thaks Stanislav for help.
I have

  • enabled debug options,
  • created in event in the dashboard > unsuccessful
  • created an event in the pase > unsuccessful

Hereafter is the com_scheduler_log.xml from the plugin directory :

Hope it can help you to help me ?
Many thanks in advance !


Log info doesn’t show any errors in configuration.
It seems that you have some DB-level problems

Are you using MySQL as backend database ?

Also, it seems that you are using some kind of url-rewriting plugin. It possible that it affects data saving requests of scheduler, and causes problem for saving.

Thanks Stanislav for your help.
I do not know wether ther is rewriting, at least not with a plugin, but maybe on the host.
I have tried to uninstall - reinstall the plugin to “force” it new, but it seems that there is settings information somewhere and I cannot really install new. (for instance, it kept some custom settings, and did not recreate the “scheduler” page).
Can you tell me how to uninstall completely ?

  • deactivate plugin in plugins admin page
  • delete plugin in plugins admin page
  • drop tables <any_prefix>_events_rec
  • drop table <base_prefix>_options
  • remove records from all tables <blog_prefix>_options by sql-query

DELETE FROM wp_1_options WHERE option_name in (‘scheduler_version’, ‘scheduler_php’, ‘scheduler_xml’, ‘scheduler_started’, ‘scheduler_php_version’, ‘scheduler_xml_version’, ‘scheduler_num’, ‘scheduler_url’);

I have done as suggested, EXCEPT :

  • drop table <base_prefix>_options = wp_options, because there are too many records > I guess this is the table for blog options ?

After reinstalling the plugin, the “scheduler-calendar” page is created, BUT I cannot load it.
If I create a new “calendar 2” page including [[scheduler_plugin]] I can read it and see the calendar.

In both cases, when I create and save an event from the dashboard (plugins / scheduler / events administration) or directly in the “calendar 2” page, I do not have anything left after refresh… There is also no record in wp_events.

I would NOT like to give up, because this is exactly what I need.
Any further idea ?

Many thanks and regards

If problem is still actual - in few days we are releasing minor update for both WP and Joomla plugins, which resolves few known issues, including one which is similar to your case.