Change Pin Color on Map

Using Schedule Enterprise, how do we change the pin color that shows on the map/appointment view?


Right now all of them are red but we want to change them based on a Status we have associated with each event. The status part is handled - just need to know how to change the color.

We use ours for Service Tickets and we want to set the pin color to match the status.

  • Unscheduled = Red

  • Scheduled = Yellow

  • Confirmed = Green

Hi @Osensnolf

The solution is not related to the dhtmlx Scheduler and to the type of the license. I googled the solution and seems to customize the color of pins you should use the keyword ColorType.

I tried that way: added the property ColorType to event data and specified the required color. Unfortunately, the pin color has not changed. I will try to investigate the issue and will let to know on this topic as soon as the solution is ready.

That will be great! Please let me know as soon as you find the solution or a workaround. I greatly appreciate it.


What is the latest on this? how can we change the pin colors using the Schedule tool?


Currently, there is no inbuilt way to do it. We will implement this in one of the future updates. I will notify you on this topic when the solution is ready.


This continues to get a lot of requests from our customers. We went ahead and bought the Enterprise license. Please provide a method so that we can set the pin color based on status.

Hello @Osensnolf,

This feature still stays in our dev tracker, but unfortunately, there is no ETA when it will be implemented.
I updated its status to up its priority and speed up the fix. I will notify you of any updates.