Change start date for project task


I have a gantt like this:

  1. project
    1.1 project
    1.1.1 project task 1 task 2

    1.1.1.n task n
    … (repetitions of above)

with 250+ linked tasks, projects can be dragged, and auto scheduling is active.
I tried to change the start date for the “1. project” programmatically, to simulate dragging the “1. project” to a new date, but nothing happened.
Is it possible to auto schedule a project type task by gantt.autoSchedule() function?


It is possible to move tasks via API, but projects ignore start_date and end_date parameters, because they rely on their children’s dates.
If you want to move a task via API and apply autoscheduling function here is the snippet demonstrating how it might be implemented: