change style for <row>

I use a slightly changed (changes are done by Skin Builder) WEB skin in my application.

But for one specific TreeGrid I need to change the font-family and size for the and the tags. I know for a parameter “style” is available but can find a solution also for .

I one and only possibily I see is to create a modified skyblue or terrace CCS (never used in my application) and set one of these skins to only this single TreeGrid. This should work but only for changing the font-family of the TreeGrid label names it´s heavy stuff.

So I ask if there´s a solution available to set the font-family / size also for for one specific TreeGrid on the page.

tks for support

You may apply the the required css class/style for any of your row using the following syntax:

or using the setRowTextStyle() method: … style.html