Change text value in a form


I encounter a small problem that i dont manage to solve :
i have a form with a text input and i want that when i click on it, it change the value of the text :

rows:[{ view:“form”, id:“topForm1”,
data:[ {type:“text”, id:“field_a”, label: ‘saisie1’, value: “”,position: “label-left”, inputWidth: 250, labelWidth: 100, align: “center”, labelAlign: “center”}

$$(“topForm1”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”,function Open(){

	$$("topForm1").setItemValue("field_a", "azert"); 		

But setItemValue doesnt work and for example Firefox tell me :
Erreur : $$(“topForm1”).setItemValue is not a function

Thanks for your help.

Ok, i have found the solution :


That’s all folks!