Change the day picker format on the Lightbox

Hi, so i’m creating a scheduler application and I want to show the day of the week in the time picker section when creating or editing events. Instead of seeing just the numbers I would like to see that abbreviations as well. So:

Mon, 21 , Tue, 22 , etc

instead of

21, 22.

Now I know you can change the format for the time selection, but i have not seen anywhere in the forums or documentation to suggest you can do so with the day. I know you can change the view dates, but that’s not what I’m after. I will also attach a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

If this can’t be done that’s fine, I was just curious. Thanks!

Yes, there is no template to redefine the formal like for the time selection. But still it’s possible to achieve what you want.
Please try to redefine date format for days here … r.js#L6048

You should use Date Format Specification to set required format